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If you were on the International Friends email newsletter list but have not received it recently you should know that any non-U.S. based email address is likely to bounce (that is it is never received by you and bounced back to us) This is true of all Chinese and Korean based email servers.

So, please use a U.S. based email service if you want to receive our monthly email newsletter (like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or your university email address) Send your email address to
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Welcome to the International Friends website. International Friends is a Christian ministry to international students, scholars and their family members in Columbia, Missouri - home of the University of Missouri, Stephens College and Columbia College. It is a work in progress, so check back frequently for changes and new activities. We hope your stay in the Columbia, Missouri area is a pleasant one and we want to work toward making connections between internationals and the American community.


Let us help connect you with Americans that care about you, want to learn about your culture, make friends with you and assist you in your cultural journey.




 Serving Internationals for Over 30 Years
Founded in 1986


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