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International Friendship Program

International Friendship Program





What is the International Friendship Program?


The International Friendship Program is a friendship program coordinated by MU's International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office to facilitate connections between Columbia and Mid-Missouri community members and MU international students and visiting scholars during their initial arrival (first semester) on the campus.




How often should we meet with the international student/scholar assigned to us?


Once a month at a minimum is recommended.




How many students will I be assigned?


Generally, each applicant will be assigned one student, depending on the number of community members and international students/scholars that apply to participate in the program each semester.




What types of activities should we do together?


The international student is not looking to be "entertained". They are simply interested in learning more about "American life", while also sharing parts of their culture with your family. You may wish to invite your students to your home for a meal, include them in your routine activities (shopping, school programs, birthday celebrations,), attend community events together, etc. - there are lots of possibilities.




What do we NOT need to do or expect?


You do not need to provide housing, financial help, legal advice, help with emotional or health problems or expect students to agree with your religious and/or political affiliations.




For more infomation contact:



International Student & Scholar Services

N52 Memorial Union

Columbia, MO 65211-7030

(573) 882-6007