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Kids Bible Clubs

 Kids Bible Clubs
K - 5th Grade Kids Bible Club
6th to 8th Grades Tweens Bible Club
9th to 12th Grades Teen Bible Club
Starting Second Semester January 10 and January 12, 2018
On Christmas Break from December 13 until January 10

(Plus Parents Bible Study during Club (on Wednesday, if you're interested)

 Meeting every week

Wednesdays 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm - K - 5th grade Kids Bible Club
Fridays 3:20 to 4:20 pm - 6th to 8th grade Tweens Bible Club
Fridays 4:45 - 5:45 pm - 9th to 12th grade Teens Bible Club
International Friends Center
Suite 1900 of University Place Apts.
(1205 University Ave.)

Snow Policy:
If Columbia Public Schools are closed,
then our Kids Bible Clubs are cancelled.

  • Learning Center Time (kids learn about the Bible through games, art & activity)
  • Bible StoryTime (kids hear and see a Bible story)
  • Missionary Story Time (kids hear and see a missionary story)
  • Review Game Time (kids compete to see who remberes the story best) Winners will receive an extra prize each week
  • Kids will memorize one verse from the Bible each week
We have leaders from the U.S., China and Korea so they will help kids with language issues. Your kids will have fun, meet other kids their own age, learn about the Bible and how to live for God and receive concrete awards and recognition for their efforts. 

Awana Clubs are sponsored by Global Life Church ( ), but you do not need to attend for your child to participate. To register your child send their name,age, parents name, address, phone number, email and their current grade (K-12th grade) in an email to